Andrej Zeltkov aka DUKU is a DJ/promoter, CEO & Co-owner of the Brighton located dubstep community/brand THE MINE. Originally from Klaipeda, Lithuania, Duku has been based in the UK since the beginning of 2008.

DUKU’s musical journey started back in secondary school when he discovered the sounds of bands like Prodigy, Bomfunk MC’s and Music Instructor. Later on, with the first dial-up internet connection, he was exposed to the drum & bass genre. It expanded his concept of electronic dance music and influences such as DJ Hype, DJ SS,Ganja Crew & Technical Itch lead to a long period dedicated to the exploration of Jungle / Ragga-Jungle. He also embraced the even crazier / ‘breakcore’ side of drum & bass made by artists such as Limewax, Aaron Spectre and Twinhooker & Paulie Walnuts.

Upon relocating to the UK in 2008 he and future Mine co-owner Sibla met via mutual-friends and discovered a shared musical taste. They also inspired each other to deepen their interest in new musical sounds and discoveries. That same year the two decided to make a trip to the mecca of dubstep DMZ @ Mass in Brixton. It revolutionised DUKU’s taste as it seemed that all genres he had heard before met in one fresh new place with a different approach and tempo. “I have never felt this way at an event before, not being able to swallow my drink on the dancefloor due to the pressure of bass, I was shocked”. DUKU regularly started attending quality dubstep parties and caught sets from the likes of Mala & Coki, Loefah, Skream, Kryptic Minds, Zed Bias, Plastician, Silkie & Quest, Chefal and hosts such as Sgt Pokes & Crazy D all had a profound influence on DUKU’s musical direction that remains to this day.

DUKU started co-hosting events on the outskirts of London and had the privilege to support djs such as Rusko, Skream, Zinc, Distance and more. They were working closely with Occult from Macabre Unit, who became the main resident at their own events. From initial beginnings in half empty rooms with just four speakers they soon reached the point of one in/one out capacity crowds with ground shaking systems that laid waste to the locals. This was where they developed a working relationship with “Roger on the B-line”, a very experienced sound engineer and the owner of a seismic sound system with which The Mine has worked ever since.

In 2011 the lure of the South-coast drew DUKU to move to Brighton. “We had heard about the popularity of dubstep in Brighton, but by the time we came here there were no more regular events dedicated to the original sound. Superdubpressure disappeared after a huge night with a 50K wall. Dubstep was clearly missing in the town and we decided to fill the void by launching THE MINE, that quickly became the modern term to describe dubstep in Brighton.

DUKU has gained respect from local dubstep community for his superb all-vinyl sets. These have helped re-established the pure, dark, deep and quality 140 sounds that were so missed by Brightonian dubheads. Just ask any regulars!