Edinburgh based Multi Genre DJ/Producer

from UKF

Having already crafted an instantly recognisable sound so early on in his musical journey, Edinburgh-based Refracta’s idiosyncratic, melodic, yet so gritty, bass-face inducing and dance floor-ready sonic creations have led to him emerging as Scotland’s fastest rising and most talented drum & bass producer.

Although relatively unknown a year ago, the past twelve months have seen him feature on BYTHEPRODUCER’s highly successful COLLECTED:1 album, an array of various artist LPs, as well as two monstrous EPs on TJ’s Pick N Mix and DJ Hybrid’s Audio Addict.

This level of progress was inconceivable for Refracta this time a year ago, with his exhausting shift patterns working as a delivery driver leaving him with very little free time to produce music. However, thanks to the furlough scheme (cheers Rishi), he finally had time to sit down and hone his 170 beats per minute craft to the soaring level it’s found itself at now. If there is one positive to take from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s the ludicrous amount of new talent that has blessed our beloved drum & bass scene.

We caught up with the Scottish star to talk about his journey so far in music, the scene in Scotland and his refreshingly positive outlook on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted his career in the industry so far.

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