Depot Mayfield | Manchester
11 Baring Street Manchester M1 2PY M1 2PY Manchester
A multi-use cultural venue for the city of Manchester Depot is a 10,000 capacity venue for culture located at Manchester’s historic former railway Mayfield. Part of a £1billion regeneration project, Depot Mayfield provides a platform for a diverse programme of arts, music, industry, culture and community events in this unique found space showcasing Manchester’s industrial past. Originally built in 1910, Depot Mayfield was used as a railway yard for the iconic Mayfield station. Despite being hit by a parachute mine, the resilience of Mancunians during WW2 allowed Depot to continue servicing Manchester as its main train station throughout the 1950s. It closed to passengers on August 28 1960. After this, Depot Mayfield was the lead mailing distribution depot for Royal Mail. After 18 years as the lead mailing distribution centre, Depot Mayfield lay dormant for almost 3 decades until it’s a transformation into a multi-use performance space and leading destination for Greater Manchester, in the heart of the city.