Emily Makis

Emily Makis

Drum & Bass has been blessed with an onslaught of incredibly talented vocalists being thrown into the forefront of the genre in recent years. Nottingham-based Emily Makis is, without doubt, one of those who has made the most meteoric of impacts.

With a voice as sepharic as it is instantly recognisable in the drum and bass scene, it’s the eclectic manner in which she shifts between varying themes of lyricism and moods that has become one of the most impressive assets of her songwriting palette.

From the introspective and more emotive side of her songwriting to the high-octane, rave-centric themes that have appeared in her lyrics more recently, the versatility intertwined with her music has ensured that Emily Makis’ catalogue of sonics is perfect for both bedroom and dancefloor listening alike.

Energetic collabs with Kanine on Stand Up and K Motionz on High Note, which was recently voted as the third-best track of the year in the Drum&BassArena Awards 2021 and reached #1 spot in Beatport’s Drum & Bass Top 100, have seen Emily slightly deviate away from the more emotional and thought-provoking side of her songwriting that saw her blow up in 2019 via her collaboration with Monrroe in the form of the certified anthem Never Too Old.

A self-confessed ‘studio gremlin’, 2021 saw Emily’s continuous hard work pay off, deservedly bearing the fruits of her labour in the form of many achievements in the scene