Hailing from Manchester, UK. 21 year old KAZ has made herself a big female figure in the drum and bass scene and has been categorised as one to look out for in 2020. Having recently captured eyes from the DNB Allstars crew, Worried about henry and almost every Manchester promoter, her DJing quality appears to only be strengthening by the day. Her sets on Manchester’s very own ‘Bloc2Bloc’ have caught people’s attention because of her ferocious dark blends which remind people of T>I and Particle. Having been on line ups with the likes of Shy FX, AC13, Bou, Chimpo & Benny L , plus big warehouse project shows coming up, KAZ’s diary for next year is already looking huge. With her planning her first releases, its only a matter of time for this girl to blow! I would keep a eye on this girls progress.

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